Dr. David Romero Riu

Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Romero Riu graduated in medicine and surgery from Autonoma University of Barcelona with the extraodinary degree award in 2000. He was ranked 10th best student out of 10,000 at MIR in 2002. Later he … Read More

Dr. Esteve Darwich Soliva

Dermatologist Dr. Esteve Darwich Soliva graduated in medicine from Autonoma University of Barcelona with the extraordinary award of the Bachelor degree in 2004. He was the best doctor in the MIR oppositions of the year 2005 out of 10,000 opponents. … Read More

Dra. Maria Blanco De Tord

Dermatologist Doctor María Blanco has a degree in Medicine from the University of Barcelona, She is studying the Dermatology Specialty at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital; she has made Training stays in the Hospital Clínic Surgery and Children’s Dermatology team at the … Read More

Dr. Alfredo Casaudoumecq Martí

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alfredo Casaudoumecq Martí made the medicine and surgery degree course at the University of Barcelona (Hospital Clinic – 1993), and made a stay in Edinburgh (St John´s Hospital). Later he specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery … Read More

Dr. Jorge Arandes Marcocci

Dermatologist Doctor Jorge Arandes is a MIR specialist in medical-surgical dermatology and venereology at the Sagrat Cor University Hospital, where he currently works as an associate physician. He completed his degree in Medicine at the International University of Catalonia and … Read More

Dr. Arcadi Altemir Vidal

Specialist in Dermatology at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Dermatologist specialist in Laser and Dermatological Surgery. International Master in Aesthetic Dermatology from the University of Alcalá.Professor of Dermatology at CTO Academy

Dra. Isabel Martínez de Pablo

Dermatologist Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from Navarra University (1998). She participated in the ERASMUS program of maxillofacial and plastic surgery at Michalon Hospital in Grenoble, France (1997). She specialized in dermatology at Clinic Hospital of Barcelona, accessing through the … Read More

Dr. José Manuel Mascaró Galy

Dermatologist Dr. José Manuel Mascaro Galy is currently a Consultant Physician of the Dermatology Department at Clinic Hospital of Barcelona, as well as the head professor of Dermatology at Barcelona University. Graduated in medicine from Barcelona University in 1988. In … Read More

Dr. Emili Masferrer i Niubò

Dermatologist Dr. Emili Masferrer i Niubó is specialist in medical surgical Dermatology and Venereology. Subspecialized in skin cancer surgery. Graduated from Autonoma University of Barcelona. Master from Barcelona University and he is currently the PhD in the Biomedical Research Park … Read More

Sra. Yulia Bolshakova

Esthetician Professional career developed in the field of aesthetics, health and beauty therapies for more than 13 years, working in beauty centers and SPAs in Barcelona and Santander. Combining her career as a esthetician, therapist and chiropractor. Extensive experience in … Read More

Sra. Stela Marincea

Professional trajectory in the area of aesthetics and facial and body health and beauty therapies. Technician in Nursing Auxiliary Care with extensive experience in various treatment protocols, therapies and appliances. Expert in Laser, IPL, radiofrequency, Photodynamic Therapy, Biophotonic Therapy, mesotherapy, … Read More


Sra. Sandra Onieva Menjíbar

Higher Technique in Dietetics Sandra Onieva Menjibar has extensive training and experience in the world of dietetics and nutrition. It has numerous specialization courses in Microbiotherapy, Hormonal Health, Digestive System, Autoimmunity, Metabolic Disorders and Chronic Inflammation. In constant updating, Sandra, … Read More

Dra. María Fabregat

Dermatologist Doctor María Fabregat has completed her Medicine degree at the University of Barcelona. She has completed the Dermatology Specialty at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, where she continues to work together with the Dermatology team at the Mataró … Read More

Dra. María Carrera

Aesthetic doctor and Trichologist Graduated in Medicine from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She specialized via MIR in Family and Community Medicine in Barcelona. Master’s Degree in Trichology and Hair Micrografting Master in Aesthetic Medicine at the Complutense University … Read More